What Makes Our Team Different?

We trust one another, care for one another, and lean on one another. We do this because of the strong bonds that we have built.

Culture of Learning

It takes a good deal of trust for individuals to identify and embrace those gaps and openly work to fill them. It is very difficult for an individual to simultaneously pretend they don’t need to learn something and to learn that thing.

Elizabeth Barricklow

Senior Instructional Designer

Helen Kellock

Senior Graphic Designer

Jennifer Even Melton

Valued Contributor

Josh Barricklow


Zach Barricklow

Co-Founder & Partner

Tiffany Jones

Creative Director, Instructional Design

Joel Barricklow

Valued Contributor

Cynthia Redwine

Valued Contributor

Beth Ellsworth

Director of Communications

Julie Rowe

Learning Strategy Consultant

Kally Swibes

Learning Producer

Nicole Bulloch

Instructional Designer

Jordan Leino

Creative Director, Design