We design smart, custom learning solutions.

We specialize in the life sciences.

We impact strategic business outcomes.

We craft learning strategy, content, design and deployment.

We design learning strategy, content, and deployment to impact business outcomes.


Our Philosophy

Doing our best work for our clients begins with cultivating a healthy and engaging work environment for ourselves. We aim to be our best each day and build each other up. We look for opportunities to lead the way while always being willing to listen and serve. For us, for our clients, and for the end users of our training we always seek to make it simple. We love to share these values with our clients and partners in hopes that we can make everyone’s work more meaningful and enjoyable.

Our Work

We design smart, custom learning solutions that drive employee alignment, engagement, performance and growth. While we specialize in the life sciences, we serve a wide variety of clients in the Fortune 500, nonprofit social sector, and academia. Our team has a passion for training because it’s a fascinating and rewarding way to impact any organization’s success by creating lasting, positive change in its people.

Our Giving

Empowering others is core to who we are and what we do. Beyond client engagements, our team is passionate about promoting the well-being of others in our global and local communities through philanthropy of various forms and scopes. Versado Foundation was created for this purpose.

Partner with us to create training that sparks change.

Leadership Team

In my free time, I enjoy building and mechanical things as a means to unwind. To build something out of wood or fix a mechanical problem on an old motorcycle to me is almost meditative and therapeutic. The problems can be seen in the physical world. They can be diagnosed and clear steps taken to get from point beginning to end, so my mind is able to relax and wonder. And when i am done, I can pour a glass of bourbon, sit back, and see the end product.

Josh Barricklow


Before this job I was a high school English teacher and my favorite thing to do was to walk around with a fanny pack on and pick up kid's cell phones to hold them until the end of class if they were using them while I was teaching. If I needed to bribe a kid to do something the reward would be a day of wearing the fanny pack and being on cell phone patrol.

Tiffany Jones

Director of Instructional Design

Some fun facts about me: I'm fluent in Spanish. I'm a huge Cubs fan. I'm an avid reader and a huge nerd. I love being near water - swimming, water sports, the beach, boating, etc. Bad reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Beyond my hobbies, I live by the expression that every day is a new challenge and we have the ability to determine our own path.

Lauren Nosal

VP of Learning Production

My favorite quote is, “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.” (Christopher McDougall)

Michael Chorba

VP of Accounts & Finances

In my free time, I love rearranging furniture - my own, my friends, anyone who will let me. While my kids were little, I went back to school for interior design and had my own business for a short happy time. I've recently been volunteering with a refugee resettlement agency, and my son and I have been mentoring a newly arrived family from the Congo. My design skills came in handy when organizing the setup of a new home for another family.

Nancy Weitzman

Executive Learning Producer

I have had many different strange jobs over the years, such as: hazardous waste truck driver, concrete finisher, professional guitarist, radio station mascot, ran a computer game company, created a mime troupe, etc. I unwind by writing music in the studio, riding motorcycles, and sitting and enjoying time with my wife.

Kurt Masteller

Director of Digital

Some fun facts about me: When considering a career switch out of consulting, I was accepted to and nearly pursued culinary school in Boulder, CO. As a passion project, a friend and I are working on designing personalized ski graphics to create a new industry standard for ski production. I love being in the mountains. Hiking, skiing, trail-running, you name it. The mountains are my happy place, and where I recharge the most.

Erik Frazier

Account Director

I’m a daddy to 2 awesome kids, musician, designer, and avid Florida Gator fan. Before Versado, I owned/operated a music school and a design business, worked as a marketing director and graphic designer, was a pastor, professional musician, and even the Chick-fil-A cow mascot. I love to cook, travel, run, swim, jet ski, swing dance, and play games.

Jordan Leino

Director of Design

I spent several years working/volunteering in the developing world, including Ghana, Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, and Liberia. For hobbies, I love hiking, yoga, reading, movies/TV, and comedy. My favorite saying is, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." (Mark Twain)

Elizabeth Barricklow

Senior Instructional Designer

Some fun facts about me: I have an abnormally large collection of children's picture books for an adult. I would describe my relationship to coffee and drawing as bordering on addictive. I lived in India for a year after I graduated High School. I walk miles most days because I don't have a car.

Helen Kellock

Senior Graphic Designer

Some fun facts about me: I'm an avid traveler and have visited over 40 countries. I have a minimalist inclination and make an effort to own as few belongings as possible - the general rule of thumb being to only possess that which has utility. I treat most hobbies like skills at which I try to 'level up.' Some are: rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, chess, poker, day trading, in-line skating, and motorcycling.

Curtis Stanford

Digital Learning Designer

I have two amazing sons and they happen to be fraternal twins. As a hobby, I enjoy brewing my own beer and have been doing so since 2009 (although not so much after having kids). I taught 2nd grade in Raleigh, NC prior to working with Versado. I like to unwind by fishing and hiking.

Nick Bulloch

Learning Producer

A nice long run always does the trick when I need to unwind! There is something about getting outside and enjoying the scenery that allows me to relax after a long day. My favorite saying is, "Never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart."

Kally Swibes

Learning Producer

I am a mother to three amazing little people: 2 boys, 1 girl. Some fun facts about me: I am a former teacher. I taught for almost 10 years and was Nationally Board Certified in Middle Childhood Education. I have a very unruly Goldendoodle named Clark. BOTH the beach and the mountains are my favorite.

Beth Ellsworth

Director of Communications

My dream was to be a chef, a pastry chef. If I was more creative I would have pursued it, but creativity is not my strongest trait. I don't unwind 🙂 My favorite saying is, "If it doesn't open, it is not your door!"

Maria Rick

Director of Finances

Some fun facts about me: I've never been stung by a bee. I strongly dislike gardening and caring for plants. I have dance moves for all of my favorite TV show theme songs (ER, The Office, Game of Thrones). I only drink black coffee - no cream or sugar.

Nicole Bulloch

Instructional Designer

I always need inspiration and passion in my life, which means finding ways to be creative, active, and to help others. In addition to the years I have spent in the world of corporate training, I also worked for a while developing early childhood curricula and as a home schooler. I cherish time with my children and husband, and thrive on being their rock and persistent problem solver. Some favorite activities I balance that out with are paddle boarding, sci-fi movies, cooking, running, creative projects, and being near the ocean.

Erica Ford

Director of Talent Management

I possess a strong desire to understand what is important to people of different cultures and what drives their purpose in life. Traveling (and often getting lost in language and in location) is my outlet for gaining a better understanding of the world and its people. Most recently I have enjoyed sharing my love of travel with my daughter. The two of us have explored sea caves in The Channel Islands, CA and glaciers in Iceland and much in between.

Julie Rowe

Learning Strategy Consultant

I coordinated and hosted events on cruise ships for over 5 years as I sailed around the world. I met my husband onboard a ship and got married in South Korea while teaching ESL. I’m from Canada, and yes, we say “eh” a lot. I love to hike, ski, travel, and put my Forensic Science degree to use as the clock ticks down in escape rooms.

Beth Angel


A few fun facts about me: I'm an Army brat who lived in 5 different places before I was 12. I can't stand clutter and probably throw away more things than I should. I can argue both sides of an issue - I think it helps me compromise! My little family of four is busy...all the time. Saturdays are for soccer games! Now that my sons are school-age, we have big plans to explore this planet, starting right here in the U.S.

Heather Seale

Learning Producer

I love the beach, tiny houses, road trips, summer, HGTV, books, writing short stories, and my birthday. My favorite musical artists are Tori Amos and Portishead, and the family dog is named after the band Weezer. I’m terrible at other languages, and I once tried to learn Japanese. Konichiwa!

Ashley Brossoie

Editorial Director

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