Getting the Most out of Virtual Meetings

It is much easier to show up prepared when you know what your role is going to be in a meeting

Decisions, Decisions

Throughout our lives, we spontaneously use many mental models, but the key is to actively remember that they are there. When you get stuck, leverage an active awareness of your remembered models to come to your aid.

Culture of Learning

It takes a good deal of trust for individuals to identify and embrace those gaps and openly work to fill them. It is very difficult for an individual to simultaneously pretend they don’t need to learn something and to learn that thing.

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Helen Kellock

Senior Graphic Designer

Josh Barricklow


Tiffany Jones

Creative Director, Instructional Design

Beth Ellsworth

Director of Operations

Kally Swibes

Executive Learning Producer

Nicole Bulloch

Senior Instructional Designer

Jordan Leino

Creative Director, Design

Curtis Stanford

Executive Learning Strategist